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I’m Stacy Lewis — a meditating mama to two young boys, a reader and writer, a community and peace seeker, a walker of woods and neighborhoods, and lover of the sea…

Ten years ago, I was standing in my house, alone, holding my newborn son Orlando in my arms. I was peering out the window and I suddenly knew that I needed to find it. But I didn’t yet know what it was! I could only circle around these three words: peace, community, and motherhood. And begin to create the connections between them.

That is pretty much what I’ve been doing ever since.

I began by following my deep impulse to honor the sovereignty of this new person in my life. And now I find myself within an ever-expanding understanding of the importance of relationship in our lives. Not just relatives, or having relationships, but truly understanding what being in relationship with one another means, and provides.

Orlando came and opened my heart. Three years later Mica came and asked my heart to heal. And I didn’t even know it was broken.

This putting-myself-back-together-again journey has not always been easy, but ultimately I’ve found that it keeps cleaning my eyes to the big beauty around me. I keep looking, looking for something, and so far I’ve found nonviolent communication, unschooling, Hakomi therapy, insight meditation and mindfulness, relating peacefully, cohousing, and more.

But what I am really finding is my heart. I’d love to help you find yours.

When you need a moment to connect to your own true heart, I’m here to share the wealth of my discoveries…

When you have a moment, I’d love to hear from you: how you’re traveling, what you’re discovering, the sky you’re looking up into. Listening to each other feeds us, expanding our horizons and planting our feet in the soil.

One step at a time.

Let’s share stories, heal our hearts, and rediscover the big sweetness of life.


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19 responses to “About me”

  1. Hillary

    Hi Stacy,

    Is this a new website? It’s gorgeous and serene and….I love it!



  2. mb

    wow stacy, it is just beautiful in this new space! i adore the title sweet sky, and it fits so well your description of this process of seeking, and how our eyes are continually being cleaned. i hope i’m not being too sneaky, or ruining any surprises, wordpress pinged me for a link to my unclenching post, which i’m guessing must have happened when you migrated posts. anyway, found you! congratulations on the brand new look! it’s so fresh!
    mb recently posted…this moment

  3. erin

    Lovely, free and peaceful! I feel lightness visiting, and I’m excited for you and all of us who choose to share here!

    New beginnings and continuings, opening and expanding, uncovering and becoming!!
    erin recently posted…wet days and dry days

  4. sarah

    loving your new space :)

  5. Janice

    I love your new name and your new space. :-)

  6. Niki

    Hello Sis,

    Love you.

  7. Lauren (VisionWise)

    I appreciate the space you’ve created here :)
    Lauren (VisionWise) recently posted…new painting- Growing Wings

  8. Amy

    Lovely to join you, Stacy. :) I have often enjoyed your writings since being introduced through Scott Noelle. Thank you for doing what you do in service of your values… and for keeping in touch over the years. I look forward to reading more about your experiences along the way.
    Amy recently posted…Gentle Parenting and Aggressive Toddlers

  9. Lori

    Hi Stacy, beautiful site! Really loved your post “What Did You Notice”. I think we actually met at a PEPS leader training (we sat next to each other), you’d just moved. Hope it’s going well there! I may try and take the Power to Parent there in the Fall but funds (and time, always time) are an issue.

    1. Lori

      BTW, I found your site via KellyMom link on Facebook

  10. joy

    hi stacy,

    congratulation on your new internet space! i love it. it feels like an oasis, a peaceful haven at the end of a busy day. the boys are looking good and growing.


  11. Ms. Smoochy

    Hi, I’m up past my bedtime getting a little soothing for my soul fever on your blog. Funny how the Internet works. I an utterly inspired by what I’ve read here… Thanks for putting it out there in the world.
    Ms. Smoochy recently posted…The New Daily

  12. I Want a Whole Mama

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  13. Faith Evans-Sills

    Hi Stacy,
    I love your new site, so calming, peaceful, plus the new name really caught my fancy. Your words here struck me with their simplicity and their strength. I am so excited to continue following your journey here on your new space! xoFaith
    Faith Evans-Sills recently posted…Evenings on the porch

  14. jill

    Hi Stacy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog “Little Things” and commenting on my post “down by the bay”. I appreciate your feedback :)


  15. Sylvía

    Hi and thank you for stopping by and commenting on my little space. So glad that you found me, and that I found you. I think I will learn a lot from your blog, and am looking forward to reading your e-book. Take care!

  16. Star

    A kindred heart on this steep path of life plus motherhood… I am glad you made it here and that you share- I will enjoy this space, take my time and drink it in.

  17. boho girl

    i always seem to come by your space when i need it most. you are such a kindred spirit. i wish you lived near. xx

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