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  1. Debbie

    Oh my! Just, oh my.

    I too have walked a labyrinth – when I completed my yoga teacher training. It was so deeply spiritual, like being ordained. (I remember crying as I walked it – the power in the journey ripping me open slightly) Perhaps that is how it felt for you? Ordained into motherhood? Ordained as a mother of two?

    Either way, incredible. I cried and got shivers and understood exactly what you meant. So much love and beauty in your words, in your heart.

    Love you,

  2. Earthly

    This is so beautiful! I have been thinking for a while about walking a labyrinth as I feel there are many things that need to fit into place, one way or another. I need to give myself the space.

    The space! Oh what a hard thing to find… but find I must :)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Andrea

    It is never too early for a morning cry! Thank you for the image of my child as my unbinder. For me it is my first born, and my second born was sent to be my rock as my older one undoes me again and again. Contract and expand, bind and unbind, and find yourself in the moment of each experience.

    Much love,
    Andrea recently posted…Appreciation

  4. denise

    Ah, I have an unbinder. I was so sure of everything before he came. I now often think the whole reason for *me* is *him*. My life lesson. My little tests. My whole heart.
    denise recently posted…details

  5. 6512 and growing


    My second is my unbinder too. I like that word. I’ve caught myself saying to others that my first child is my “easier” child, and yet I’ve also seen that “easier” sometimes means “more compliant” or less “boat-rocking.” I’ve also seen lately that the unbinding has led me to new skills, a larger way of seeing and being. And it’s not easy, compliance is so much easier, but I too am glad my second born came to us, to open us up to a gentler way of being, with her and with ourselves.
    6512 and growing recently posted…curiosity

  6. Janice

    Oh, so beautiful.
    Janice recently posted…Night terrors resulting from vaccinations

  7. melissa aka equidae

    what a lovely post. May I ask is the labyrinth you mention rethorical and if not what exactly is it? My first born is my unbinder. He is so spirited so sweet so gentle yet so agressive and I love him oh so much and my sweet girl is just a smiling cuddle even when not happy.
    melissa aka equidae recently posted…Yes you are- and you guys look amazingly happy tog

  8. Elly

    Wow, this post really rattled me. Thanks for putting into words a feeling I’ve been having over here but hadn’t really realized I’ve been having. Zar is our unbinder. Had some tears over it, and a lot of discussion.

  9. Lauren @ Hobo Mama

    Beautiful, and here I sit in tears with my second-born on my lap, wondering when I will have that moment, or those ever-unbinding moments.
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama recently posted…Wordless Wednesday- The brothers meet

  10. Jeanine Ertl

    This post reminded me so much of that raw period of time in our lives as we settled into life with our second child. It seems a common experience for so many families and mothers. Your description of it all is so transformational, moving and poetic at the same time.
    I had to share a link to it with my community this weekend on my link-share. Hope you don’t mind. :)
    Much love to you and your family!
    Jeanine Ertl recently posted…All Alone Part I

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