our life in a cohousing community

Welcome Home

It’s been almost two years since we moved into cohousing. We are still learning, and adjusting, if you can believe it! But that is the way of life — it just keeps changing, and we keep growing along with it. I am learning about introversion and extroversion, raising young kids in a public/shared space, and [...]

Living Poetry

The talent show features headstands, songs, drums, popping balloons, bubble-blowing contests, pirates, dancing, and more. Twice a year, the folks who live here in cohousing get up and show our stuff! Last winter, Rom and I did a swing dance number together — he is the pro and taught me what to do and basically [...]

You Can Ask Me How It Is

I have a friend who moved up north and started a commune. This was many years ago and she never calls it a commune — only “The Land.” She recently told me that anyone could come there who wanted to live, and they let them come, and the person was asked to stay for one [...]

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