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The talent show features headstands, songs, drums, popping balloons, bubble-blowing contests, pirates, dancing, and more. Twice a year, the folks who live here in cohousing get up and show our stuff!

Last winter, Rom and I did a swing dance number together — he is the pro and taught me what to do and basically just tossed and pulled me all over the place while I looked cute in my little black-and-red dress and bobby socks. It was fun!

And right after that talent show, in which my heart and eyes and soul were filled up with these wonderful people, aged 2 to 86, who get out and put it out there, I went home and knew exactly what I wanted to do for the next talent show.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Hakomi, and I wanted to share some poems that I’ve received from my Hakomi teachers. So I went home and wrote something and then promptly forgot about it.

Well, suddenly, it was five months later and time for the next talent show. I got out what I had written, I rewrote it, and I read and reread and chose some poems, and signed myself up.

Orlando signed himself up, too — to do a headstand, a long headstand wherein he walked in the air, did the splits, pressed the bottom of his feet together and then took a completely awkward and lovely bow, twice.

But me, I got up there and I talked a little bit, and then I read two poems. It was great, and fun, and all that speech and drama I did in high school came out, and I stood up there, very calm and centered, at ease, and I talked slowly and made eye contact and smiled. Ha! But boy my heart was pounding so fast right before I went on.

That’s because it has been hard for me to put myself out there… living here has actually made me acutely aware of how introverted I am, or at least how much a part of me is. Trying not to be seen but knowing that I’d like to be seen. So, I just did it.

And I was seen.

Because people came up to me afterward and asked about the poems — I shared this one, and this one — and asked about Hakomi, and told me how beautiful it was that I had this community of people through Hakomi, how much they loved those poems, and they thanked me for sharing, and one person told me he was inspired to share his favorite poems, and on and on, and that was good.

And then it kept going on… because there is a man here who is so wonderful and has babysat my kids a few times. They love him and he loves them, and they have fun, and in the past I’ve thanked him with brownies and this last time I was going to offer him beer but I hadn’t gotten the beer yet and because of the poem I read he told me that one of the poets was going to read at the Skagit Poetry Festival in a couple of weeks, along with his favorite poet, and I knew right then.

I went home and bought him a ticket to the festival and offered it to him — again, this process of giving is a stretch for me, I talk myself out of it, telling myself I have nothing to offer. I don’t think it used to be this way, but I am growing into it again, and so I offered him the ticket without qualifications, something from my heart to his, and he went with his partner and they had a wonderful time. And he told me all about it, and he was so delighted and I was, too.

And that is what I wanted to tell you about: this poetry in motion that is our lives.

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The Goodies: Double Issue!


The Goodies…

Been a while, hasn’t it?

Here’s what I’ve been finding enlightening, entertaining, moving, meaningful…

:: a sweet children’s song based on the lovingkindness practice

:: following your passion, into the tree tops

:: “thank you for allowing me to feel human

:: why we shout in anger

:: 100 kisses

:: don’t be such a lunch bowl!

:: mindful body

:: the sensitive ones

:: i cannot begin to explain the depth in this piece, which is why it’s a good thing pamela is such an extraordinary person who writes so well

:: the joys of getting lost

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Top referring sites

The Earth Sanctuary
A nature reserve and retreat center — sacred spaces.

6512 and Growing
growing food and a family at 6512 feet

Lauren Luquin
intuitive artist, poet, and lightworker

Thank you!

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Today, outside my window
We watched the hail coming down as we sat on the couch, reading our new library books. Orlando is completely captivated by The Mistmantle Chronicles: Urchin of the Riding Stars.

I am thinking…
seems like I am doing lots of memes/theme type posts these days. : )

I am thankful…
for how I am beginning to understand my journey in this life.

in the kitchen…
simple cooking up of veggies — the first asparagus, and giant beets, a rutabaga rummaged from the drawer, and broccolini. An attempt at a rhubarb crisp but realized I have no strawberries! Tomorrow.

I am wearing…
jeans, the shirt I slept in, a sweet brown cardigan, and a pair of my ever-present smartwool socks.

I am creating…
a wonderful life, a rich inner life, more rhythm in our days (standing firmer and more gentle somehow).

I am going…
to get out of this house tomorrow, with kids in tow on some sort of grand adventure! We have been housebound with illness for way too long.

I am wondering…
if (when) I will go to graduate school, what I will study, what my path will look like, but mostly I am filled with wonder that a path is appearing before my eyes and that I am following the call to follow it, even though it may look differently than I thought.

I have been reading…
about lovingkindness and compassion. And the body/brain/wellness connection. Some books I have been dipping into, dog-earing, reading cover to cover:

Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg
The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace by Jack Kornfield
The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion by Christopher K. Germer


Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child with Special Needs by Anat Baniel

I am hoping…
for lots of outdoor time this summer (camping!), for continued personal and professional growth, for ever-deepening love and friendship with Rom, for my children to be profoundly satisfied with themselves and life…

I am looking forward to…
more Hakomi! I just finished a four-day training module and my last one will be in two months. And then, on to certification!

I am learning…
the importance of intentions, and about how to spend time with emotions (again)

around the house…
we are piled under books (mine and the kids’!) and a bit stir-crazy from being indoors. Outside we see spring springing all around us and are grateful for the warmer air.

I am pondering…
what a long gig this parenting thing is.

a favorite quote for today…
A poem from this weekend.

“Scientists find universe awash in tiny diamonds”*

But haven’t we always known?
The shimmer of trees, the shaking of flames
every cloud lined with something
clean water sings
right into the belly
scouring us with its purity
it too is awash with diamonds.

“So small that trillions could rest
on the head of a pin”*

It is not unwise then to say
that the air is hung close with diamonds
that we breathe diamond
our lungs hoarding, exchanging,
our blood sowing them rich and thick
along every course it takes
Does this explain
why some of us are so hard
why some of us shine
why we are all precious

that we are awash in creation
spumed with diamonds
shot through with beauty
that survived the deaths of stars

~ Pat Mayne Ellis

(* quotations found in a newspaper clipping on the subject)

one of my favorite things…
sitting in bed, relaxing, and looking out the window, quietly alone. Which I rarely do. Which I did this evening.

a few plans for the rest of the week:
to be outside, to see some friends, to get my haircut, to keep reading our good, good books together. To continue my daily meditation practice.

a peek into my day…










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