2 responses to “The Day Bobo Died”

  1. mb

    i have had my share of those days lately, what you describe as “skirting” and then, on the beach, wanting to sit still and be silent while children orbit around me. this was good to read. the way you really see your children is always so inspiring. xo
    mb recently posted…~a month of unschool~

  2. Stephanie

    Hi. I just found your blog, read this entry and immediately pressed on the comment link.
    Your writing pulled me in, as a reader and as a mother.
    The lingering impression you left is that sometimes parents just need to be available. Just sitting next to a child can open a necessary conversation.
    And then there are the words you said to him. To soothe him. To acknowledge his feelings. To let him know you see him.
    Beautiful! Really beautiful. I’m truly excited to read more!
    Thanks for sharing,

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