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  1. debra

    this is the guidance and reminder that i needed this morning. i’ve been watching – especially these last few weeks, “in the trenches” as Dan works on finishing his dissertation, and we are all just hanging in there – i’ve been watching my big girl build these coping mechanisms of sarcasm and angry dismissal – towards me, and mostly towards her little sister. she is so big and has so much going on inside of her, that i don’t naturally soften at these cues, but harden myself, protecting what is already worn a bit thin and is feeling vulnerable. helping her find her way through the frustration and disappointment and anger to the sad parts might be a way to help her find another way of dealing with all of that, and i would not have been big enough to find that on my own!! thanking you…
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  2. pamela

    Thank you Stacy! I am only beginning to learn how to feel in the last couple of years … and it’s because of my boys. Brothers:) And they break each other’s hearts too and then repair them. Thank you for allowing me to settle into my soft heart.

    This was such a great time to get this post. The time from about 4-7 is a tough one for me. I’m tired and all my jagged edges come out. My practice now is to find my soft heart during this time of day. This evening I will re-read this. xoxo

  3. Frith

    Gosh Stacy. This gave me goosebumps. What an amazing interaction. The wall of hands blocking your heart, and Mica moving through that. What a great thing you’re doing. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. April Bennett

    This is just wonderful, Stacy. Your real, soft, open example, and knowing that you also have struggles meeting them sometimes — it all helps so much. I often feel browbeaten by articles like this, as much as I believe in them, but this piece feels just like a gentle, follow-able example. Thanks so much.
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  5. mb

    awesome, stacy. i have been sporadic at checking my reader for a few months, and missed this one, so i am glad i stopped by to check for posts i had missed. this one would have been a shame to miss, for sure! a beauty. :)
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