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  1. Nicole

    Dear Stacy, what a well written – well understood piece. thank you. You inspire and comfort souls you have never met with your blog. Very cool.

  2. debra

    the timing of this writing is so good for me. i got really caught up in wishing and wanting to affect change with my family over the holidays – with people who choose paths that are different from mine. i hear what you say about caring deeply but not being able to take action for them, and it makes me so sad – i want to be more powerful than that! – and at the same time a little lighter, maybe someday less frustrated.

    and “balance is a verb” is my new favorite reminder…

    i hope this new year finds you out of the whirlpool and back on your two feet!

  3. April B

    Yes yes yes yes and thank you thank you thank you…

  4. mb

    purely beautiful. xoxo
    mb recently posted…abundance

  5. erin

    i resonated with your reply to debbie, about the “inner helper” i have one too! and i have to remind her to help herself, like the safety mask analogy … i am hearing about your writing of “listening” in this post too and it has come to me again today, the word “listen” … have you read “seven thousand ways to listen” by mark nepo? i have been immersed and totally awakening to the quiet, deeply hearing it, and to things that leap out at me from places like my visit here. thank you, thank you for your journey. for the sharing part i mean. i so value you and wish for you equanimity and peace. xoxo

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