What Life Looks Like Lately

Getting ready for Solstice

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  1. debbie

    ah, lovely. you are beautiful! and those boys…is orlando thriving????
    debbie recently posted…contra-dancing

  2. Nichole Been

    Oh how sweet. I adore the photo of big brother O knitting. My four year old recently asked to start sewing with me, and he’s a natural. If my Grandmother could see that, she’d just melt. I really love that snowflake and shimmering tree. Lovely photos. Merry Christmas, and Happy Solstice to you all. xoxo
    Nichole Been recently posted…The Hot Cocoa Incident of 2012

  3. Laura walton

    I just adore that love is so explosive it needs TNT in the middle. Explosions in the middle of many sweet, soft, reverent, celebratory moments. Love you all!

  4. erin

    hi! it all seems so parallel, though with slightly different ages … knitters abound here too and sewers. makers and creators and lovers and savourers. your living and moments look nourishing and connecting. we are excited for solstice too. in the mountains this year, with friends. i love the photo of you, at the top, with love radiating forth. your smiles are so good. xo
    erin recently posted…the little cantaloupe that did

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