5 responses to “Loving Presence”

  1. April

    Oh, Stacy, I appreciate your posts so much. Thank you.

  2. 6512 and growing

    this is so utterly beautiful (and helpful) it gives me goosebumps.
    6512 and growing recently posted…may we all go home happy

  3. Joline

    I love the way you weave the immense and sometimes amorphous experience of “self” with the “roles” we assume in life. It is such a gift that your consciousness can embrace both. You are such a reassuring touchstone for me.

  4. MJ

    Just gorgeous Stacy :) . Thank you…
    MJ recently posted…Embrace and release

  5. Jeromey

    So beautiful, the power of presence. We need more post like. I can feel the stillness that came out of it. Thanks for sharing Stacy.
    Jeromey recently posted…Two Simple Meditation Techniques For Increased Concentration and Focus

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