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  1. debra

    i love these moments of checking in…maybe i’ll get around to doing one of these sometime – it is so helpful (to me anyway) to see it all in one place!!

    so much beauty. sigh.
    debra recently posted…our week: a movie, a game and lots of piles…

    1. Jennifer Miller

      Exactly, Debra. I completely agree.

  2. Anushka

    ooh i love it… loving living. me too. that lincoln was a good one wasn’t he? must’ve been a freemason, was he? did you know the magic flute is full of masonic symbolism? it’s my favorite opera too. what a great month. some parallels here – we have the haba hammering set and ez made a great train by himself this time. he’s also really into money lately with the resurgence of his piggy bank.
    Anushka recently posted…in the last weeks of april

  3. 6512 and growing


    I just reserved Microcosmos on Netflix for us. Thanks for the suggestion. It must be so cool to see the tangibility of your month in this exercise. Good, good days, yes?
    6512 and growing recently posted…marching for peace and beauty (a giveaway)

  4. erin

    brilliant, so much richness, learning and life being uncovered, teased apart and delved into. i love these posts of yours so much, and i have just re-committed to blogging more regularly, so it may come to be that i try one too!

    i am always amazed at how our learning lives are similar and parallel, right down to the rhubarb crisp, the snap circuits and the haba blocks! watch for tree frog spawn in that pond. we are waiting visits from ours, the boys have usually found several by now, we hear the chorus at night, but they have been elusive.

    thanks for sharing all of this unschooling month, staci :)

    ~erin xo

  5. Karen

    I love your outline titles for organizing your monthly activities. I was wondering if I may use your titles in my personal blog about our unschooling adventures. I really hate trying to put their learning and explorations into standard school categories. Thanks.

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