The Goodies: Double Issue!


The Goodies…

Been a while, hasn’t it?

Here’s what I’ve been finding enlightening, entertaining, moving, meaningful…

:: a sweet children’s song based on the lovingkindness practice

:: following your passion, into the tree tops

:: “thank you for allowing me to feel human

:: why we shout in anger

:: 100 kisses

:: don’t be such a lunch bowl!

:: mindful body

:: the sensitive ones

:: i cannot begin to explain the depth in this piece, which is why it’s a good thing pamela is such an extraordinary person who writes so well

:: the joys of getting lost

:: i love shelley

:: this song


Top referring sites

The Earth Sanctuary
A nature reserve and retreat center — sacred spaces.

6512 and Growing
growing food and a family at 6512 feet

Lauren Luquin
intuitive artist, poet, and lightworker

Thank you!

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5 responses to “The Goodies: Double Issue!”

  1. Anushka

    i love that song! the metta meditation is one i’ve said for years and have recently said it to ezra at bedtime where i started singing it into a lullaby. i love hers. thanks for sharing.
    Anushka recently posted…new friends

  2. Mrs.Grateful

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. April

    Oh, goodness gracious me, the songs, the songs…thank you!! What a gift to hear that music tonight. (Both of them). Thank you!

  4. rebecca @ altared spaces

    I had read Pamela’s piece. Yes! to the depth and big message. Looking forward to exploring more. I always love this gathering.
    rebecca @ altared spaces recently posted…patience, parenting, and touching the super moon

  5. Debbie

    Such great stuff, Stacy. Thank you for including me. <3
    Debbie recently posted…glorious weekend

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