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  1. Lisa C

    What a wonderful thing to focus on this year! I always have “to do” lists, items I can check off throughout the year, but whether I realize it or not, there is also some intangible theme for me, too. I find it works better if I realize what that theme is. I’ve been feeling unclear what this year’s may be.

  2. mb

    oh how i love this. i love the way all of these threads wove together for you… nest.

    my word for this year is whole. i have never had a word of the year before, so i’m still formulating my thoughts on what that all means, but for me it jumped out and grabbed me. but i like your story of how it wove its way into your consciousness. :)

  3. Anushka

    yes stacy, i love it too. how do you always do that? weave together your experiences and make great revelations? true awareness is suppose. i do have these experiences too, just don’t have the gift of words like you do.

  4. Rob

    Beautiful thoughts. I had been thinking of a practice for the year and was contemplating either the brahma viharas or a practice focused on khanti. You may have given me a push toward the former. The imagery of the four brahma viharas woven into a cradling nest is gently compelling.

    It was lovely to meet you in person at SIMS last night.

  5. rebecca @ altared spaces

    settle down. Which kinda feels like a foil to “let go” but not really. I think there is a lot of letting go in settling down. I’m inviting myself to stop spinning and getting up to get everything. I’m allowing myself to sink into what has been here in my lap all along.

    I love the nest.

  6. Kelly @ AhimsaMama

    You – Yes You! – have been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award!!! http://ahimsamama.com/2012/01/who-me-the-versatile-blogger-award/ Congrats!

  7. pamela

    Wow Stacy this is so beautiful. I love your word Love. My word for the year may be Dwell.

    This is such gorgeous writing – about the nest, about you creating a nest for your family as you simultaneously create a nest for yourself. Thank you for writing this.

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