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  1. Andrea

    Oh, I don’t know if I can join in on the unschooling fun, but I will think about it. Great job getting all of this down. Funny, we just learned how to play GO today at an International Festival. I had never heard of it before in my life, and here it is twice in one day – fascinating. Going to look in to The Story of Math, although the kids in the house are pretty resistant to anything that sounds educational:)

  2. Anushka

    this was such fun to read! i guess we are unschoolers so far – but, i would have to keep a running list to write down all we’ve down for a month. ez loves the henry and mudge books too and if you’re still on a penguin theme, he loved the book, “where is home pip” and another pip title i can’t remember, nor the author right now, but i’m sure you could find it at your local library. we read those soooooo many times this month that i was pretty proud of myself for carrying on as well as i did (because of course i’m doing all the reading). i’m such an unschooler at heart. i want a crystal ball to see what we’ll end up doing but this just seems so right to me on so many levels. but, stacy, i’ve been meaning to ask you more about your experience with oak meadow. can you tell me more when you have the time?

  3. barefootmama

    I love the idea of un-schooling for a month. I think I may plan on doing that next December…perfect month for that:)) ~ Barefoot mama

  4. Monica

    Thoroughly enjoy reading your learning month.
    It reminds me of how much we do/learn, but just it in stride as our day to day stuff. I guess that’s organic learning!

    I’m off to check out all those great links, thanks so much!

  5. mb

    a month covered in fairy dust! hurray! i am so happy you’re joining in with me, stacy, i have definitely been inspired many times by the life learning you and your family do, and my hope is that these posts turn into something people can point to when hearing from naysayers about how lazy we unschoolers are. ;) thanks for the book recommendations! they sound awesome- what a cool moment with the anh’s anger book and mica. you have a way of tying in the connection moments… i like that. because that is so much of what unschool is too- being together more, which is intense, but is so much about how we handle it and whether we are connecting. love it.

    cool to hear about your state’s requirements- we don’t get official until age 8 either, but then i am not sure if we can do the assessment, or whether we have to test… i’ve heard other homeschool mamas around here talk about testing, so i assume there isn’t another option, but maybe that’s just because i can’t imagine opting for a test if there is another way. :)

  6. MJ

    I am so inspired by you and MB’s month of unschooling. Thank you thank you for the links and for story of math!! E, too has a math bug and he would love it! I am really bad about recording details, especially our conversations because they happen so naturally (as you know), but I think im going to work on that for December, and especially since i havent a clue yet what to expect in CO! Cheers and have a great day Stacy!

  7. Lisa

    Hi Stacey, well as you know I don’t homeschool or unschool but I still so love these posts, because of what you share in terms of the conversations you have with your kids (love the design one and the working out conflict one, the latter of course being a recurring theme in our household, and I suppose any household really)…And I thought you already were vegan, guess I was wrong there (I am not, just thought you had mentioned it at some point…) Thanks for the book recommendations, we are not yet into Captain Underpants, but I always hear about them, I suppose they are coming soon (my son is 5 – our household has been dominated by ‘girl’ series since my eldest is a girl, although I try so hard not to fall into the boy/girl thing)…I love the Serpent Slayer recommendation…I also liked Ahn’s anger, the kids are fascinated with the anger monster pic…They also like Moody Cow Meditates too, although I noticed in reviews some thought the expression of anger in that book was too much, and the mother’s punishment, but I think it all opens things up for dialogue…

    Thanks for sharing so much of your life here. It is fun how I feel I know you and your family! I appreciate the open-hearted feeling of it. When I come here I often ponder doing a separate blog of this type, but come back to it not being feasible right now time-wise…but I do so appreciate all you offer and share here. xoxo – Lisa

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