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  1. Anushka

    that’s a great idea – the code word and a bridge no less. ezra doesn’t like it ever when we discipline him or tell him that we don’t like something he’s doing. esp. from daddy, it’ll make him fall apart. maybe i can suggest something like this next time.

  2. pamela

    Oh I so needed this!!! I have been talking with an edge to my 6 year old for weeks now. I get so mad at myself. I am going to sreal your bridge. You are a beautiful mom!!!

  3. mb

    this is lovely and i too want to borrow it. :)

  4. Anna

    Oh, I love this. I almost started crying. Often times I am speaking in a tone of voice just trying to get a point across, and my kids think I’m ‘yelling’ at them. :( Trying to figure out how to connect more wholly and this is an excellent idea that I would like to implement. Thank you!

  5. Amanda

    Oh, Stacy, thank you for this. It opened a place in me I didn’t know I’d closed. Tears are flowing, much needed tears, tears of grieving for all the times I’ve felt upset about something my son said or did and kept my heart locked inside, insisting I was still loving, not understanding why it couldn’t be felt . . . ahhhhh, the relief of remembering to listen, of the possibility of building a bridge. Thank you.

  6. Kelly@AhimsaMama

    This is a great post! I try so hard to do this, to take a deep breath and figure out how to connect – but easier said than done. Brava, mama!

  7. MJ

    Oh crickets this one brought tears to my eyes. I loved it, your mindfulness, your reconnection with Orlando, your code word…thanks Stacy, it really touched me tonight…

    ps. I just received the Hold On to Your Kids and I started it–it snagged me immediately….


  8. Alexis Yael

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  9. Jen

    oh how wonderful. i needed this too.

    thank you.

    thank you.

  10. Lori

    I am so happy you bared yourself to your little darling and found a way to keep the walls from going up between you. Thank you for sharing that. It helped me understand the way I was feeling today about my relationship with my sisters. One in particular never wants to know how she makes me feel. She just wants to defend herself or make a joke about my feelings. The other just uses me and is content to have a superficial relationship with me. I realized today that there never really were any bridges between us except genetics and sadly, miracles withstanding, there will never be any. It’s hard to ‘see’ these truths in my life but necessary for growth and healing.

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