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  1. cyndi

    how wonderfully busy, full and fun your month has been. my littlest little one is into Dr Suess and kooky rhyming fun as well. i like the idea of a month of unschooling post as well, packaging it all up nice and neat in one go reallt appeals to me:)
    happy halloween!

  2. melissa aka equidae

    lovely unhomeschooling month…..its a great idea for a post i should write it myself…thnaks for the tip

  3. Monica

    loved this round up.
    i’m terrible at keeping records, thinking she’s so young, but it’s fascinating when i do look back on what she’s interested in.
    Monica recently posted…joy pockets #30

  4. debra

    i should do this!!! might borrow the idea…i keep a general log, but it is so interesting to look back on a collection of all that goes on – it all really adds up to quite a diverse array of activities and thoughts! and i love hearing what others are up to…thank you!
    debra recently posted…halloween

  5. Stacy

    I’m glad y’all liked this post! I started writing down what we did each day in a calendar so it made it a lot easier to compile this. And I got the post idea from mb — check hers out, they are very sweet.


    Happy un/homeschooling!!

  6. MJ

    mb’s unschool posts are wonderful and yours–awesome as well :) . So inspiring….it helps me realize just how much can happen in such a short space of time. Love your list of delicious words and wilderness awareness sounds like a dream!!
    MJ recently posted…the power of sound

  7. 6512 and growing

    Building fires? Wow. Col has been really interested in building small fires in our backyard, which takes a lot of parent presence, if you know what I mean.
    We just got a chiminea, which should help the whole thing along safely.
    XO and thanks for sharing your month.
    6512 and growing recently posted…weekending – buck deer

  8. mb

    i love that picture of someone (two someones?) standing straight up on the kitchen counter. :) i’m so glad to see your post! and glad you were inspired. i, too, have been with a sick kiddo and it’s time for me to post again. i love the way you organized it with books and music and categories. those mythology books sound cool, as does wilderness awareness!
    mb recently posted…~this moment~

  9. Alison Moore Smith

    Fun to see so many activities going on. Love the pictures. You’ll love this ongoing record of your lives when your kids are older. :) Happens so quickly. Cliché but true. :)
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Why I’m Not Unschooling

  10. a month of unschool « mb

    [...] so happy to see stacy at sweet sky joining in with her own month of unschool! i am sporadic about the exact date of when i post mine, [...]

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