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  1. Kim & Dave

    So important to be thankful, isn't it?

  2. threegirlpileup

    We don't always sit down together to eat dinner, but when we do, we sing either a very traditional hymm from Steve's childhood (For Health and Strength) in a round, or "How Beautiful is the Green Earth." We hold hands, and one of my favorite parts is peeking at the girls, who often have their eyes shut tight and are so heartfelt during the singing. We then end with a big squeeze of hands, which the girls will tell you means, "I love you!"

  3. Tara @ TheOrganicSister


    Mealtimes are always rushed for us. I have a hard time enjoying the process of preparation, then we're all rushing through our food without much awareness. It's been feeling disconnected for me. I don't know that the guys will be on board but I really want to do this for me, even if I do it alone.

  4. Kelly

    We say Grace most nights and most nights sit down to a family meal- no tv, phones, nothing but us and the food. It really is one of my favorite parts of the day and something I want to continue especially once the kids are older!

    We don't have a set prayer- but thank Grandfather for all the people, animals, experiences in our lives. We thank Him for our home and ask for all that we love to be protected. My favorite Grace moments are when our three year old says the prayer. I can just picture God smiling.

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Happy Holidays.

  5. se7en

    Hi there, So nice to meet you via the 30 minute challenge!!! We also take a step back at mealtimes and spend a few moments talking about things to be Thankful for… just slowing down helps us all reconnect! Hope you enjoy the holidays…

  6. flowers

    When we sit down all together for a meal we sing!

    "Give thanks to the Mother Gaia,
    Give thanks to the Father Sun,
    Give thanks to the bountiful garden where the Mother and Father are One.

    Give thanks, give thanks, to you we do give thanks.
    Give thanks, give thanks, to you we do give thanks."

    Then we raise hands and give a jubilant "Wooooorld PEACE!"

    The kids love it.

  7. global mamas

    I love the Steiner blessing that my older children were taught at school many years ago..it is simple and lovely. it goes like this…
    Dear earth who gave to us this food
    Dear sun who makes it ripe and good
    Dear earth, dear sun by you we live
    Our loving thanks to you we give.
    My little one is now 15 months and I will be re-introducing this little blessing and the lighting of a candle very soon…Kids love this sort of stuff and I think teaching them to have gratitude is so very important :)

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, Stacy — me here! From Hope's Waldorf school we have brought home many ideas about making meals a shared, sacred experience about connection, rather than just getting food into our mouths. We light candles. We do all kinds of blessings — very traditional Christian ones from my Lutheran and Joon's Methodist upbringings, plus ones without the word "God" that Hope leans at school, plus made up ones. We hold hands. Tonight it was just me and Nora (18 mos.) eating dinner, and I held out my hands to hold her wee ones, and she gave me one of those "I get it, we're doing that thing that we do now" looks with a smile as she held up her hands to me.

  9. Julie

    that sounds lovely. We don't say grace, but I do always sit with the children and make an occasion out of eating our evening meal, so that we take the time to connect. I do love the Steiner blessing someone mentioned above, so we might try incorporating that into our ritual. Food for thought!

  10. Stacy (Mama-Om)

    Wow, I love hearing from everyone! I am especially taken with the idea of singing a blessing. How wonderful! We sometimes hold hands around the table, too, and it is amazing how much energy and connection that creates.

    Keep 'em coming. :)

  11. hahamommy

    Our family's Grace came from our little UU congregation in Rapid City, SD:

    It is a blessing to be,
    It is a blessing to be here,
    It is a blessing to be here now,
    It is a blessing to be here now together. <3

    It's a nice mantra too :D

  12. Ali

    My daughter (3) always sings blessings (very off key!) – it's her own made-up one that is basically our names and anything that's at the table (her blanket, a car etc). At the same time my son (nearly 2) shouts out our names to remind her to sing us all (which she then repeats). It's adorable and we are definately reminded about family before we start to eat.
    Saying that, I'd like to extend the gratitude somehow in there. We're working on it.

  13. Alexis

    I love reading all the different meal blessings here! In our home, we first sing a little ditty to get started:

    Hands together, hands apart, hands together, ready to start…

    Then we say this simple blessing:

    Bless the earth, bless the sun,
    Bless this food, bless everyone.
    Thank you for the food.
    Bon appetit!

    I love the progressive blessing from hahamommy. Very nice!

  14. Debbie

    We sing too. It's the song we learned from our Waldorf parent/child classes.

    First we light a candle…Then we hold our hands in prayer position and call it "making a candle with our hands."

    "Candle, candle, burning bright
    Share with us your golden light.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome to our table.
    Welcome, welcome.We all join hands together.
    Blessings on our…(what ever you might be eating…breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.)

    It's lovely…and my son, Isaac, who is three loves the hand holding too. It's so reaffirming to their little hearts that they are loved.


  15. Trish

    When we do sit down together, we pray and thank God for His provision and for each other. I have to admit that when we are rushing around and eat separately, the prayers usually wait until bedtime.

    Good reminder to always be thankful!

  16. turnitupmom

    We say a traditional Catholic grace followed by our own prayers, but sometimes it feels robotic. Thank you for the suggestions. It's important to me that we eat together, hold hands, and take a moment to be thankful. I wish more people could read this post.

  17. jody

    Our family has been using this one for the last couple months. We do it kind of like a chant with one person leading and the others repeating. Now that the kids know it they like to take turns leading.

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

    Shantih Shantih Shantih

    It means: "May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May I offer my life to that happiness and freedom. May my actions contribute to the liberation of others. Peace. Peace. Peace."

    The kids love it because it is in another language (sanskrit) and we have fun with the chanting. :)

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