8 responses to “Becoming Equanimous (Say What?)”

  1. ladybug-zen

    lovely. thank you for this. i needed it too.

  2. Barbara

    Ah, equanimity. Sometimes it comes so easily, sometimes it is so elusive…and of course the harder I reach for it, the harder it is to find.

    When I can break out of the ooglies and just be present with my kids, that seems to help restore my equanimity, I think because they are reflexively so full of love and joy and NOW.

  3. Stacy (mama-om)

    You’re welcome, ladybug-zen!

    And Barbara, you said this so well!

    Yesterday was a testament of that to me… I have recently broken through a major “don’t-wanna” vibe (my own) and was just HERE and our day was wonderful.

    Funny how that works. :)

  4. Lil

    Stacy, I cannot express how grateful I am that I’ve come here today to read this. I’ve skimmed the sites, but will come back for more details. Suffice to say that I have forgotten my way of life in the face of an adversary (my partner’s ex). No more! said the lightbulb above my head, and I’m trying to figure out a way to reverse the “adverse” effects. Sounds like this may be it…

    Thank you!

    Peace soon come,

  5. Stacy (mama-om)

    I got a book from the library yesterday and just this morning opened it up… to an article by Sylvia Boorstein about equanimity and kindness!

    I added a quote from her to this post, but I highly recommend the entire article!

    You can find it here.

  6. mommymystic

    This is the third time in two days I have come across a Sylvia Boorstein quote…I think I should pick up Happiness is an Inside Job again. I like this equanimity practice a lot, thanks for sharing. It seems equanimity and loviningkindness arise together, but you can ‘enter’ through either one…I like entering through equanimity, I think it works best for me because as a passionate person I can easily be caught in the storm of my own emotions.

  7. MamaShift

    Hee. I’m gonna need all the equanimity I can get in about 3 weeks. Yup. MIL is coming. I’m listening to a tibetan buddhist teacher I’ve started to like quite a bit.

    Sylvia’s great, but I have a hard time listening to her (I tend to go far, far away), from some reason. I love her books, though.

  8. jena strong

    One of my favorite words, for all it evokes. Thanks for this post – I am going to return when I am not so fried and un-equanimous myself to take it in more fully.


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