9 responses to “Standing on a slippery, narrow edge”

  1. Lisa Milton

    Illness really does me in too.

    It will pass; you’ll feel better and you’ll be on your tiptoes, doing a jig.

    Until then, hunker down and take care.

  2. followthatdog

    that is a lot to handle. Is there anything that can be medically done to help alleviate the symptoms?

  3. Shonda Little

    I kinda want to hug you right now. I have moments like this myself.

  4. Karen Maezen Miller

    Beautiful. And what I often say, since people presume that balance is picture perfect and permanent, is that the nature of balance is imbalance. We wobble, and come back to center, wobble, and come back to center again. Or, at least, that’s the hokey-pokey of my balancing act!

  5. dharmamama

    Wish I could come give you a break! I can offer internet hugs – {{{{hug}}}} – and distance reiki, if you’re interested.

    Hang in there, mama! Wishing healing for you ~

  6. MamaShift

    I’ve always loved your honesty. I love that you can talk about not wanting to be a mama sometimes. I certaintly feel just like that sometimes.

    I have weeks like what you describe. A pin could drop and I would say it dropped too loud. Should I check out my adrenals?

  7. Bridge

    yes, thanks for the wisdom. I am feeling tired right now, a bit overwhelmed adjusting to a new schedule and have been making such accomodations myself.

  8. Justine

    I have fried adrenals, too. I am seeing a homeopathic doctor and cutting out different foods, and trying to regulate stress. It has helped marginally, but I am most certainly not a healthy and energetic mommy by any stretch of the imagination! Mustering the strength to simply BE is too much on many days. Then you add in the state of our nation, the kids, the hubby, the cats, the work, the traffic…you know…LIFE and my mantra becomes “Is this really MY life?” Focusing on the few moments a day when life feels balanced and being present and grateful for that moment is about all I can ask for these days! Keep me in the loop if you find the secret magic cure…and I’ll do the same!

  9. debbiedas

    Oh Stacy – I just linked here from todays post and I could have written this. My adrenals are a mess and I was taking an herbal remedy from my naturopath as well as a liquid iron supplement and I felt a lot better – but I've been off them for about 6 months and I'm noticing the downward spiral again. Thanks for linking to this post…and the reminder to take care of me…and that I'm not alone. I hope you are taking care too. Love, Debbie xoxo

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