I have seen this meme floating around for a while and Lisa over Mama Milton just did it and invited others to join in… So I’m going to do it, too!

The idea is to dig through your archives and share five posts from the past…

  • A post about family
  • A post about friends
  • A post about yourself
  • One about something you love
  • And any old one you want

So, here they are — keep reading!

Come read about how we all scare the pants off each other — three generations strong!

Come read about my friend Laura, who helped me recover from a wretched summer. Laura is an amazingly generous person whose joy for life shines through in all that she does.

Me. Me! Me! Me! (it is my blog, you know)
Being a meditating mama is a total breeze, I’ll tell you! I mean, just trying to meditate is not hard enough. I like to do it while carrying one child strapped to my body while pushing the other one in stroller. Only it doesn’t go so well.

Something I love
I love many things. Rom included.

Any old post
Here’s one about poop and legos, but not in that order. And actually, it’s about having thousands of pictures. No, wait, it’s all about Orlando, the first-born child, all the time!

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