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  1. stacie

    Ah yes. We have been going through “baby with a cold” to the same tune. Hope tonight is a better one for both of us!

  2. eg/accountable

    Hopefully the sleepless nights won’t last very long.

  3. Beetlemama

    That was a beautiful story. How many times do I say something to Bu that I wish I could take back? even if I was doing it to teach discipline, even if it was the right thing to say or do. In my head runs the line – he’s just a child.

    I wish I could say yes to everything he ever wants. Sometimes after we’ve had words and he’s been ban from the TV or something, and he’s asleep in bed, I want to wake him and say I’m sorry, do you still love me? am I a good mommy? was I what you expected? – but it’ll be a long time before he thinks of things like that. The things I worry about in the night will be long gone from his memory – a few words we had when he was five over whether he should kick stones in the street or pick up mud.

    While I am a good mother, I always thought I would be a GREAT mother. I guess we are all just learning and I think we’ll get there because we care.

    Much love.

  4. Susan Low

    Hi Mama-Om! I found your blog on a google search for "my three year old won't stop crying". I love your stories!

    I want to share something my hubby and I started saying when our little guy, Simon, was just about 3 weeks old.

    We're geeks who play Dungeons & Dragons and other games that involve gaining experience before you can go up a level. It's called "levelling-up." Usually right before you level-up you have some kind of traumatizing, horrific experience. So we'd be going through these sleepless nights with a baby who was developing new cognitive abilities (therefore couldn't sleep a wink) and we'd think we were about to die from sleep deprivation. Right when it got as bad as we could possibly imagine, one of us would realize that "we're about to level up!"

    In recognizing the moment BEFORE we "learned" we were able to make it through those tough times together. We don't always level-up together, and sometimes Simon levels-up before we can catch up. But it's our way of celebrating the fact that we probably won't make those particular mistakes again and we're going into a new stage. (Right after level-up there's usually a really fun time when we all get along great and we think having a child was the best possible decision ever!)

    Anyways, feel free to contact me, sue.c.low@gmail.com. I'm in Victoria, BC Canada.

  5. Shoes

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